Berthoud Reservoir, Open Space, & Trails Master Plans

Berthoud Reservoir Master Plan

Establishing the Berthoud Reservoir Recreation Master Plan is the first step towards transforming the reservoir into a designated open space for the community, residents and visitors. The Preferred Concept includes passive recreational amenities and improves the vegetation by restoring the native seed areas and through additional shrub and tree planting.

Read the Berthoud Reservoir Master Plan (PDF)

2021 Open Space Master Plan

This Open Space Plan serves as the Town’s policy foundation to expand support for open space priorities and clarify the Town’s role and strategic actions. This Open Space Plan is closely aligned with the Comprehensive Plan to shape the physical form, health, and quality of life of the Town. 

Read the 2021 Open Space Master Plan

2022 Trails Master Plan

The intention of the Berthoud Unified Trails Master Plan is to create trail connectivity throughout the Town of Berthoud. This trail system will also create connectivity of the town trail system with adjacent regional trails including the Colorado Front Range Trail (CFRT), BNSF Fort Collins/Berthoud Trail Corridor, Big Thompson River Trail, Little Thompson River Trail, Carter Lake / Horsetooth Corridor, and the U.S. 34 Non-Motorized Corridor.

Read the 2022 Trails Master Plan (PDF)