Town Clerk


The mission of the Town Clerk's Office is to provide program administration, excellent customer service, guidance and access to information and resources, and various levels of support for our diverse customers to foster informed, open and participatory government while meeting legal requirements.


The Town Clerk is a position appointed by the Town Board, each appointment is for a two-year period that is reviewed after each municipal election. The responsibilities of the Town Clerk are as follows:

  • Town Board Support: Responsible for posting Town Board agendas, recording all Town Board meetings, as well as preparing and retaining official Town Board minutes.
  • Custodian of Records: Act as the custodian of records, responsible for maintaining records within the adopted retention schedule and following legal requirements for such records. To request a public record complete this form and return it to the Town Clerk.
  • Elections: Responsible for administering municipal elections and campaign finance requirements of candidates running for seats on the Town Board. Citizen-initiated initiatives and referendums are also submitted to the Town Clerk, verified for sufficiency, and placed on the ballot when qualified.
  • Boards and Commissions: Responsible for coordinating the recruitment for Town Boards and Commissions.
  • Passports: Ensures that properly trained staff are available to the public interested in applying for a United States Passport. Including review of proper paperwork, photographs and submission of documents.
  • Liquor Licensing: Oversees the application and licensing processes for both liquor and medical marijuana licensing. The Town Clerk is also appointed by the Town Board to the Liquor Licensing Authority and the Medical Marijuana Licensing Authority.
  • Greenlawn Cemetery: Manages the sale of burial plots and deeds associated with those plots as well as coordinating with the appropriate department regarding memorial services and burials.
  • Other Duties: The Town Clerk may perform other duties as assigned by the Town Administrator.