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The Town of Berthoud Forestry Department is in place to provide a safe, aesthetic, and sustainable urban forest. We are responsible for the maintenance of trees within our parks, natural areas, cemetery, and town-owned facilities. We are also responsible for the upkeep of the town tree inventory and developing management plans to promote a diverse and healthy urban forest.

At the January 22, 2019 Town Council Meeting, the Town Board of Trustees approved the adoption of a Street Tree Work Permit and development of Town Ordinance 1266. With this update, a permit must be acquired and approved by Town Staff prior to conducting any tree work (e.g., pruning, removal, treatment, etc.) on trees located within street rights-of-way  (“tree lawns”). Tree lawns are the portion of property located between the street curb and the sidewalk, and in accordance to Municipal Code Section 30-2-112(B)(5) it is the abutting property owner’s responsibility for the maintenance of trees located in the right-of-way. Please note, failure to meet Town policy may result in a fine of $2,500 in accordance to Town Ordinance 1266. 

Street Tree Work Permit Application