Tree Care Information

  1. Berthoud Recommended Trees

Deciduous trees allowed along right-of-way or on public lands.

  • Oak (Quercus sp.) : Bur*, Chinkapin*, Chesnut*, English*, Shumard*, Texas Red*, Heritage*, Bur-gambel Hybrid*, Fastigate English*, Crimson Spire*.
  • Elm (Ulmus sp.): Choice City*, Prospector*, Accolade, Triumph, Discovery, Brandon, Regal.  Make sure cultivar is resistant to Dutch elm disease and elm leaf beetle.
  • Legume Family (Fabaceae): Shademaster Honeylocust*, Skyline Honeylocust, Imperial Honeylocust, Kentucky Coffeetree*, Kentucky Coffeetree Espresso*.
  • Linden (Tilia sp.): Redmond, Greenspire, American, Glenleven. 
  • Planetree (Platanus sp.): Bloodgood, Exclamation, Northern Advance. Make sure cultivar is resistant to anthracnose.
  • Chokecherry (Prunus sp.): Canada Red*, Sucker Punch*.  (Height usually 20-25’)
  • Maple (Acer sp.): Bigtooth (single stem)*, State Street*, Caddo Sugar*, Columnare, Fairview.
  • Buckeye (Aesculus sp.): Ohio Buckeye*, Yellow Buckeye, Texas Buckeye*, Prairie Torch Hybrid Buckeye, Common Horsechesnut*.
  • Other trees allowed along right-of-way by common name: Hackberry*, Western Catalpa*, Turkish Filbert, Ginkgo, Japanese Zelkova*, Tulip Poplar, American Yellowwood, American Hornbeam, Red Baron Crabapple (Height 15-20’), Japanese Pagodatree*

Small deciduous trees suitable for wider tree lawns (10 feet or more)

Toba Hawthorn15'15'
Amur Chokecherry25'20'
Washington Hawthorn20'15'
Thornless Hawthorn*25'20'
Japanese Tree Lilac*20'20'
Coralburst Crabapple15'15'
Spring Snow Crabapple25'25'
Indian Magic Crabapple15'20'
Red Jewel Crabapple10'15'
Gambel Oak*8'6'
Autumn Blaze Pear30'25'
Royal Star Magnolia30'15'

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Red Buckeye20'15'
Goldenrain Tree*20'30'
Russian Hawthorn*20'15'
Cockspur Hawthorn*20'15'
Downy Hawthorn*25'25'
Coralburst Crabapple15'15'
Dolgo Crabapple30'30'
Thunderchild Crabapple15'20'
Radiant Crabapple20'25'
Tina Sargent Crabapple8'10'
Newport Plum25'15'
Cleveland Select Pear30'25'
Hotwings Maple15'20'
Wavyleaf Oak*20'20'
Callery Pear35'25'

Evergreen trees.

Colorado Blue Spruce60'30'
Bristlecone Pine*20'20'
Eastern Red Cedar*40'15'
Rocky Mountain Juniper*30'15'
One Seed Juniper*15'13'
Gray Gleam15'6'
Wichita Blue Juniper*15'6'
Black Hills Spruce25'20'
Bosnian Pine20'12'
Scots Pine*60'30'
European Larch60'25'
Pinyon Pine*20'15'
Concolor Fir, White Fir50'30'
Austrian Pine*50'40'
Spartan Juniper15'6'
Cologreen Juniper*15'6'
Skyrocket Juniper15'3'
Fastigiate Norway Spruce15'6'
Vanderwolf’s Pyramid Pine30'20'
Ponderosa Pine*60'30'
Siberian Larch50'25'

Additional tree species may be permitted if approved by the Forestry Department as appropriate. Please note that trees marked with an asterisk are considered drought tolerant.
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