Metro District Information

The Berthoud Community is made up from many different neighborhoods, some of which are within metropolitan districts. A metropolitan district is a special district that often funds public infrastructure and other amenities using property tax revenue.  Metropolitan districts are independent and self-governing quasi-governmental entities with their own elected governing body. While metropolitan districts often exist within municipalities, the districts are not operated by the municipal government. 

Please use the tabs below to find additional information regarding metropolitan districts in the Town of Berthoud.  In the tabs below you can find information including required filings, election information, and district websites. 

  1. Berthoud 160 Metro District

Additional information regarding the Berthoud 160 Metropolitan District can be found on their website.  You may view required filings by visiting the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) website.

  1. Berthoud-Heritage Metro Districts
  1. Hammond Farm Metro Districts
  1. Heritage Ridge Metro District
  1. PrairieStar Metro Districts
  1. Rose Farm Acres Metro District
  1. Turion Metro District