Landowner Conservation

Berthoud Park

The Town of Berthoud takes its open spaces seriously. Our Town Board and various committees and commissions work hard to make sure Berthoud stays beautiful and future generations have the opportunity to enjoy living in a community that values the conservation of our natural and rural areas. Read Berthoud's Open Space Plan to learn more about how the Town approaches this endeavor. 

If you own property you would like to see protected long after you're gone, a conservation easement may be a good option for you. 
What is a conservation easement? 
A conservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust or government entity which contains permanent restrictions on the use or development of land in order to protect certain values of that particular property. Conservation easements restrict those uses forever, permanently conserving the property.

If you own land and want to preserve your property as a conservation easement, visit Larimer County's Landowner Conservation for more information.