Building Department

Mission Statement

The Building Department is responsible for the building permit and inspection process for all commercial, industrial and residential projects within the Town. It aims to maintain a safe building environment for our residents. This is accomplished through quality plan reviews and inspections.

The Town of Berthoud has adopted the 2021 iCodes. Please see the tabs below for more information. 

In accordance with HB 19-1086 and SB 19-156 the Procedure for Contemporaneous Reviews of Electrical and Plumbing Licenses is available online. 

  1. Permit Portal

Welcome to the Town of Berthoud Permit Portal. 

As of August 24th, we have a new system in place to help you with the permit process. 

Before you begin, visit the CommunityConnect User Guides for information about how to navigate the system.

Contractors and community members must register for a new account at CommunityCore.

Existing users can login on this CommunityCore page.

  1. Contractor Licensing Information
  1. Building Assistance Guides
  1. Commercial Permit Information
  1. Residential Permit Information
  1. Sign Permits
  1. Building Inspections
  1. Water Meter Pick-up and Final 
  1. Water Meter Inspection Form